St David’s Day Paired Wines + Cocktail Saturday 27th £30pp


The following wines and cocktail have been paired with this week’s supper menu to help you complete your St David’s Day Celebration-


SNACKS – Welsh Limoncello + Mint Cocktail

Limoncello, Bohea Tea’s Peppermint Tea, Star anise


SMOKED TROUT/ LEEK – 125ml Chateau Barouillet Truculence

An utterly unique Sauvignon Blanc produced by 8th generation wine makers Chateau Barouillet in the South West French appellation region of Monbazlliac. Three generations work together and share a common passion for tending to the land as naturally as possible and producing vibrant, seriously delicious low intervention wines. Grandfather Yves Alexis has spent more than 60 years in the vineyard, Father Gérard Alexis, has worked for around 40 years developing the winery and son Vincent Alexis joined in 2010 with a desire to continue in the steps of his forbearers.

Smoky, notes of apple roasted in butter, minerality, salty finish


MUTTON CAWL – 125ml Chateau Barouillet Pécharmant

An outstanding blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, produced by the family behind Chateau Barouillet wines in Pomport, South West France.  They age half the grapes in a stainless-steel tank and old barrels to preserve the richness of the fruit and to further portray the characteristics of the wine. Ideal with red meats with a well-rounded structure perfectly accompanying the deep tannic flavours of mutton.

Intense nose of blackcurrant and mulberry, white pepperiness and spiced aromas, soft and silky tannins


VEG CAWL – 125ml Mother Rock Force Celeste

A Brilliantly crafted 100% Chenin blanc, created in a collaboration between wine maker Johan Meyer and Indigo Wine founder Ben Henshaw to showcase the vast beauty of the South African hilled appellation of Swartland.

Buttery but fresh, notes of fresh pear, textured and silky


MONMOUTH PUDDING – 75ml Scalvus Muscat du Soleil

To finish, we are serving the Monmouth pudding with a rich and fragrant Muscat du Soleil from Kefalonia, Greece. Produced by the vineyard Scalvus wines, the team has a passion for natural viticulture techniques and use biodynamic farming methods to ensure a harmonise relationship with their vines.

Fragrant notes of dried quince, candied fruit and a has lovely, livening acidity

 Please note – Menu subject to changes due to availability 

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