About The Creameries

The Creameries offers the warmest of welcomes.

We are open throughout the day and evening and have designed our space to suit all. Whether you’re popping in for a quick snack, working alone or meeting friends and family for dinner, seated around big tables in the our light and airy back room, there’s space for everyone.

We have dedicated a corner of our back room to children, decking it out with cushions, art materials and books to keep younger folk entertained as you eat and drink.

 Our menus are shaped by British seasons and traditions, and change daily according to the produce available at market. Freshly baked pastries and breads, home cured wild meats, home made butter and cheese are our mainstays alongside local, seasonal fruit and vegetables.

Sustainably and ethically sourced produce is the starting point for all our menus, from the flour for our bread to the children’s drinks. We work hard to get as close to zero waste as possible- we pickle and preserve everything we can’t use immediately; poach our fish in the buttermilk from our in house butter production; make fish skin into crackling snacks- and work with our suppliers to help prevent waste their end by taking what they have available, rather than ordering to fit into a pre-determined menu.

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